To all Tartan Devils and Friends,

'Tis the season. Wishing all Devils and friends of TDFC a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy whatever you call this season and a great New Year. Not much going on but early next year we have THE TDFC party, our Winter Classic and the start of planning for TDFC 2017. Join in and hope to see you out there somewhere.

Special thanks and best wishes to our sponsors and our partners in soccer:Pipers Pub http://www.piperspub.comYards Brewing Soccer Source Press

Upcoming Games February 18th, Winter Classic 2017, 1 pm at Highmark (if they ever confirm). More details below.Ongoing Friday,  Indoors at Greentree - session is full - but if want to be added to call up list, please contact El Presidente.March 11th or 12th - Third Round of Lamar Hunt Open Cup 2017. Tartan Devils Oak Avalon are in the draw and hoping for a home game, and hoping to get a good turn out to support them as no easy games in this tournament. Events TDFC PARTYFebruary 4th  6:30 pm at Union ProjectOur annual 'Too late for End of Season, not quite PreSeason, and definitly not Xmas' Party. Same place as before hopefully with a few surprises and normal food, drinks, fun & frivolity. Expect an Evite soon and/or check out for more details.

TDFC Winter Classic February 18th, 1 pm at Highmark StadiumStill in planning stage and waiting for Highmark to confirm the booking. All money raised will go to as such an unknown charity (suggestions welcomed) and hopefully we will finally get to play in the snow rather than 50 degree weather.


We get a ton of inquiries about TDFC stuff; jerseys, shirts, patches, stickers, hats, winter toques, coffee cups, pint glasses... you name it. While we don't have all of these fine ideas available (yet!), we do have some pretty cool things to offer RIGHT NOW...

Brand new Devil designs from our very own in house Concept Council, printed on charcoal grey or red t-shirts! Hell with the lid off indeed! Totally. Hawt.

And stickers! Did you know you can pretty much put stickers anywhere? Well, you can. Stickers are pretty brilliant, so we hit up ABFU Design for a couple of really cool sticker designs too.

Also, our excellent game jerseys are finally available! No knockoffs here, nor merely a replica; it is a high quality top from our friends at Xara Soccer, with all the bells and whistles added by our long time partners at Soccer Source. The real deal, just like your Local Pub Heroes wear playing for Piper's Pub. We may be amateurs, but we look good doing it! Disclaimer: Sometimes some of us just look good and have no idea what is going on.

Last but not least, the patches bearing our beloved Tartan Devil are in stock as well! Well made heavy duty patches you can put wherever your fancy fancies. For example: newborns seem to love them on onesies!Follow the link to our store indefatigable comrades at Commonwealth Press will get you your gear quickly easily and the holidays are just around the corner! Wink, wink! Team AnnouncementsTDFC Athletico Psychotico -Athletico is taking this session off for indoor. We're working on starting up a women's league at Greentree beginning in late January. More details to come, contact Brandy with any questions. shoebee100@gmail.comThe team that won the second trophy for the mighty Athletico. Same Club Same Shirts      ChampionsThe team that won the first trophy for the shelf at Piper'sTDFC Oak Avalon - The Open team won their league despite early setback, and won a closely played play-off final 1-0 to do the double for the 3rd season running. The 2nd round Lamar Hunt Open Cup win vs Aromas Café 3-1 was great revenge for the loss last year and puts them 1 or 2 games away from playing USL/NASL teams.CHAMPIONSTDFC Proper - A second place finish giving the best Over 30s result since TDFC started, even with playing 1 game less than others. Congratulations.TDFC Celtic - A strong season with a 3rd place finish including a highlight win against the top team at Highmark Stadium. A huge improvement from previous years and showing the spirit that makes TDFC special. Congratulations.TDFC Old Boys -

The Old Boys ended a little flat this year, work schedules, injury, and life's obligations whittling away at the core, leaving the role of consistency to a tireless handful while the rest of the roster did what they could when they could. A strong second place finish, but not the three-peat we were hoping for; a tough exit from the opportunity to play for the cup at the end of the season as well. A bit homeless feeling this year too with the unavailability of Highmark, which is centrally located for the team, and it also made it easy to team build at our one and only Piper's Pub. We put it on our list to Santa though...

 "Dear Santa,

How are you? We hope everything is well in the North Pole and Heat Miser and Cold Miser aren't giving you too hard of a time. Hello to Mrs. Claus and the elves too! Thanks for teaching Andy to 'butt- trap' by the way. It's a really neat trick. Anyways, here's our list. We've been pretty kinda good for the most part. The majority of us anyways at least, so hopefully that counts!

1) We would like a a really nice pitch where we can get games scheduled really easily that is really close to Piper's.

2) A seasons supply of K-Tape.

3) Bigger goals to shoot at or maybe a little 'guidance' help with the shots heading in the direction of the current sized nets.

4) Can we bring back steel tipped Jarts?

5) Beers.



The Old Boys: Alex, Andy, Dave, David, Effi, Eric, Erik, Gavin, Graeme, Jamie Jarrod, Jason, Jeffery, Mac, Mark, Max, Scott, Sean, Toby, Wee Mikey, & Wee Scotty"


We look forward to bouncing back next year and regaining a little more traction. A good crew nonetheless, bloodied but unbowed!! Cheers to the TDFC!A promising and exciting start to our season in the new kits!The weather for our first game  Closest to team photoResult of the seasonTDFC Recycled - The plan to win the only cup not won by a Tartan Devils Over 40 team i.e.. Bundesliga went well, with the Recycled's playing themselves down to that league. Moving on quickly, but need new recruits to get that last un-won cup.Not happy with the season. But still representing  

Announcements Club fund raiser–  Bit late notice but looking for that special ornament check out the following link . If you order by next Wednesday you will still get it by Xmas. 30 % of sales goes to club. Pipers Pub EPL Supporters Club Tournament win – TDFC beat Liverpool, Spurs and Manchester City in the knock out rounds to win the Pipers Pub EPL supporters club. Added to make up the numbers the team took advantage of strong goalkeeping, a lot of experience, and a fair bit of luck to beat teams half their age. Well done TDFC/Notts County representatives. THIRSTY CHAMPIONS

Club re-organization – We are still re-organizing the TDFC board from being all Captains, to an Executive board and Captains Committee. Executive board will be made up of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. This will not be that time consuming proposition but we are hoping to find a few people to help with the week to week running of the club. Captains, players, ex-players and friends of TDFC are invited to put their name forward. Please contact me directly at or players can contact their Captains if interested.   

Web Designer – Looking for someone to become the Tartan Devils Website manager to revamp the existing site and keep it updated. Experience managing/developing websites would be preferred but not required, and not limited to TDFC players. 

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